Mathletics as an extension of math class

photo-1Mathletics is an online program that the students use to reinforce concepts taught in class and encourages mental agility. As well as the core material, it contains support and extension questions.

The Math department has seen a positive correlation between students grades and their use of Mathletics. Students are expected to get 1000 points a week which will earn them a bronze certificate. If students work on Mathletics consistently, they will gain a silver certificate after 5 weeks and after 20 weeks a gold certificate. Gold certificate students will be rewarded during assemblies and will be recognized publicly on the St. John’s website.

This year, St. John’s is focusing on the mathematical activities and experiences in a “Festival of Mathematics”, with special emphasis on mathematics competitions. The Festival will be celebrated in all three sections of the school, with lots of stimulating activities, challenges and mathematics competitions for our students and parents. Take a look at the special pages for this event on our website at

The MS Math team: Cate Cooke, Clara Huizink, Tineke de Regt, Robert Taub