Staff wellness a priority at St. John’s


Just as St. John’s endeavors to nurture and support the whole student, the wellness of the St. John’s teachers and staff members is also a priority. Last year, St. John’s created a Wellness Committee to look after the health and happiness of the staff and faculty. Committee members include staff from health services, support services, each level of the school, and administration.

Some programs developed last year included social gatherings, like a line-dancing class, health initiatives, like “Fruit Fridays”, and even garden projects, like the “Green Bridge”. One of the regular wellness programs offered for the staff is a weekly yoga class.  This class is taught by Jen Neal, who is a high school English and Dance teacher here at St. John’s. Jen Neal is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor and also teaches at The Yoga Loft in Brussels.  There are often twenty staff members participating in this class, which builds strength, balance, flexibility and, perhaps most importantly, presence of mind. Namaste!

By Jen Neal, HS teacher