Chess and sneaky puzzle solving in Mr. Mo’s Chess Club

What can you get if you rearrange the letters of STARS’ SCHEMES or of SMASH SECRETS? One possibility is CHESS MASTERS!

Lots of happy budding masters at the school Chess Club.

The Chess Club is run by Mr. Mo in room EC6 on Fridays from 15.45-16.45, and is open to students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Normally every child in the club has a partner to play chess with, but on the day of the photo some children were absent.

Puzzle: What can you figure out about the number of children who were absent…?

Answer: The total number of children present is normally an even number so that everyone has a partner. Since only 15 children are pictured in the photo, we can deduce that an odd number of children were absent.

The children love playing chess…and solving lots of sneaky puzzles from Mr Mo!

By Paul Motwani, Chess Club organizer and ES teacher