Language Clubs in the Elementary School

DSCN0617Thanks to the generous participation of several parents and language teachers, we were happy to see the introduction of several language clubs in the Elementary School this year.

St. John’s Elementary School endorses and respects the languages of all our students and it has been the school’s commitment to try and provide as many language clubs as possible. Previously, language clubs were offered after school.  This year, however, as a trial, they are taking place on Wednesday afternoons from 2:45-3:30 p.m. when students in Grades 1-5 may choose whether they wish to attend one of the language clubs or the weekly Assemblies.

So far, we have :

  •  A Chinese language club given by Ms. Clary Lina Xue
  • Two French language clubs given by Mrs. Steiner and Mrs. Ranchon
  • Two Czech language clubs given by Mrs. Rozdalovska & Mrs. Stefkova
  • A Spanish language club given by Mrs. Manuela Bartolome & Mrs. Paredes Nichtova
  • A Dutch language club given by Mrs. Camille van de Walle
  • Two German classes given by Mr. Schwarz Beck and Mr. Preben Gietz

Students in the French and German language clubs have been split into two different groups according to the students’ ability.

The language clubs are generally for exposure to the language and culture of the country except for the Norwegian class which is given by Mrs. Bjorg Martinsen on Mondays after school.  This class is for mother-tongue students.

Currently there are 75 students enrolled in the language clubs which is a very positive beginning to a project which will, hopefully, involve other languages in the future!

By Jo Taylor, Elementary School Secretary