Helping a hearing impaired friend in 4th grade

IMG_0779In Ms. Montgomery’s class we are proud and thankful that we can help our Norwegian friend Gard with his hearing impairment. We are using audio technology
(microphones and headsets) so he can hear us better. It also helps the rest of the class because when we are loud it will help us hear the speaker. This is helpful because only one microphone is allowed to be on at a time so the speaker will always be heard. Without the microphones we would be too noisy and it would hurt our friend’s ears. Our teachers use headsets because it would be too hard to hold a microphone and a book a once!

We asked our friend Gard a few questions and his responses are below:

Q: Is it easier to understand with the audio tech?
A: Yes, because I can hear the sounds better, and in particular Ms. Montgomery’s

Q: Can you give us a quote on how the audio tech helps you?
A: It helps me to hear the sounds I need to hear, Ms. Montgomery’s voice, and
not all the noise around the classroom.

Q: What do you like about St. John’s?
A: It is difficult to start out at a new school when everybody speaks English, but
the school is a nice place.

Q: How would you like us to continue to learn in our environment?
A: Noise that students don’t think about, like dropping the books on to the table,
putting the chairs onto the table, talking etc. It becomes very noisy for me and then I get quite tired.

Q: Anything else you want to share?
A: Because I only hear on one side, it is difficult for me to hear where the sounds
are coming from. So if you call me from a distance, it is not easy for me to know where
you are.

By Nick and Emilie, 4th grade students