Exercise proves effectiveness of our emergency systems

Yesterday, Thursday November 28, we enacted a full emergency school evacuation in conjunction with the Waterloo Commune, including police, army, fire brigade and ambulances. This exercise was part of our ongoing commitment to safety and to ensure St. John’s and the Waterloo commune are prepared for a crisis which requires the evacuation of all people from our campus. The plan involved a staged incident with chemicals in one of the science labs and resulting in injuries to a teacher and students. The chemicals added to the complexity of the operation and required additional equipment and resources to be called in. One of … Continue reading Exercise proves effectiveness of our emergency systems

Food to forensics – 8th grade science

In their “Food to Forensics” preference six 8th grade boys underwent a “masterchef” challenge. They had to create a healthy snack recipe using ideas from their previous classes. Having researched and altered recipes to make them more healthy they had to plan how to cook them in one double period. Last week was the final challenge. By 10.00 we had six healthy snacks, six smiling faces and plenty of visitors coming to see what was cooking. Healthy French toast and fruit, hummus and dippers, cinnamon shortbread and fruit, blueberry shortbread with lemon cream cheese topping, tuna pasta surprise and Korean … Continue reading Food to forensics – 8th grade science

Visit by Norwegian educators

More than thirty school personnel from the Halsan skole in Norway (http://www.levanger.kommune.no/Organisasjon/Enheter/Halsan-Momarka-OS/Halsan-Skole/) visited St. John’s on Friday, November 22. Besides touring the various school facilities, they observed some classes in progress and interacted with teachers. Mrs. Bambridge gave them a brief introduction to the historical traditions and values of the school while Mrs. Page presented an overview of the PYP Programme and its implementation. The visitors also had a chance to intermingle with some of the Norwegian children at the school. They left with much appreciation of the impressive facilities, the well-behaved children as also the warm welcome they received. … Continue reading Visit by Norwegian educators

Living memory

In religious studies, we asked students to bring photographs and memory items of departed family members or friends to my Middle School Religious Studies class. We all laid them down on a round table. In the center of the table there was a lighted vigil candle. For those who could not bring a photograph or an item to represent the dead, the students wrote the names of the departed on a piece of paper. Each student was invited to share with a buddy or two the name of the departed, show the photograph or the memory item, and tell an anecdote or … Continue reading Living memory

The Third Grade Trip to Grand Hornu Museum

As part of our Unit of Inquiry “Speaking from the HeART”, the third graders went on a field trip to Grand Hornu Museum to see and experience the Indian culture, create sculptures from chairs and make art inspired by the lotus flower in chalk and ink. Over 60 years ago the museum was a coal mine. Now it is a beautiful museum for us to visit. We went to three different sessions during the day. In the museum gallery there was an Indian exhibit where we pretended we were entering an Indian home. We experienced tasting new spices, smelling different types … Continue reading The Third Grade Trip to Grand Hornu Museum

Interpreting test results in 8th grade math

The 8th grade students have just had an end of unit summative test.  They are expected to study math 6 days out of seven.  (This counting period contained a holiday –  some students did more than expected) The graph above shows the number of days of study and the percentage grade – what does it reveal to you?  Is there a general trend?   What would be a reason for some of the outliers? The 8th grade students will receive this task (based upon their own data) and will need to write a short report on their interpretation of these results. … Continue reading Interpreting test results in 8th grade math

Grade 1 become chefs and make nutritious snacks

Last week the first grade students were treated to an interesting workshop by members of the Sodexo team. Maud, the nutritionist and her team had arranged for the children to become chefs for the morning, appropriately dressed with their hats and aprons.  The children made healthy fruit brochettes and some yummy fruity smoothies. Everyone had a super morning  and enjoyed the tasty treat.                              By the first grade team Continue reading Grade 1 become chefs and make nutritious snacks