Grade 9 teaches 4th Graders about the digestive system

4thWhen our teacher, Mrs. Neufkens told us about the project, my first impression was: how am I going to do this? It was October 16 when we had to present our work to the 4th graders, and we had only 1 week to prepare it. We had to teach them about the digestive system and the 4th graders were supposed to do a small quiz after our small lesson. Mrs. Neufkens told us that the grade of 4th graders would be our grade, in other words, if cthey fail, we fail too; which eventually panicked all of us. How are we supposed to teach them about this complex stuff to the small 4th graders? Although we were not sure how to teach them, we started to work on our posters, and our script.

bSamson, my partner, and I made a poster and a script, which I think were quite nice and easy. Finally, it was the due date and we taught everything we had prepared in front of three little 4th graders, and surprisingly, they all seemed to understand everything. They asked some very nice questions, for example, how were the other nutrients other than lipids broken down in our body. I am pretty sure they all got a good grade on their quiz too. We had a wonderful time with them – they were great students. I wish we could have more opportunities to teach like this project, since we have learned some things during this project as well as the little students did.

By Grade students Youngju Kim and Samson