Learning math at the volleyball ISSTs

090326_1Two of my math classes went to a volleyball game at the home ISSTs yesterday.  We chose to collect data on who touched the ball and who scored the points.

Each student created a chart or table of their choice and made note of how many times a player touched the ball or scored a point for us. We wondered whether each member of the team would touch the ball the same number of times. For each player we will calculate what percentage of the touches they had.  We will look at the range, mean, mode and median and decide which measure tells us the most about the game. We will also talk about the positions on the court and whether one or two players should touch the ball more often than others.

We will now add up the total number of points scored by our players and ask whether we have made a mistake because it does not add up to 25 (and we won the game)! After that, we will decide how to display the data in a meaningful way. This was a fun way to learn math while showing school spirit.

by Cate Cooke, MS Math teacher