Pixels, Painting, Pointillism

1Photography, pixels, portraits, painting, pointillism… In the Introduction to Art class in High School, we have been problem solving by using observation, imagination and our knowledge and understanding of color theory to create paintings inspired by Chuck Close.  For the final project in this unit, we are using limited colour palettes, only using, for example, red/green/white. Of course, we discovered opposite colours on the color wheel actually complement each other. And, not only are we experimenting like real artists do, we are learning from famous art works and the artists who made them.

Some comments from students:

“This project is much more detailed than the first which was just painting pixels”2
“At first I thought art class was easy, but now it is more complicated. Working with these limited colours, you have to figure out what mix of colours to use…”
“Detailed work like this takes time and effort. ”
“There is more freedom now, more choice of how to design each square. You can use your imagination.”
“I am proud of my work because it really looks good and was fun to create!”

By Stephanie Wintjes, Art teacher