Electronic puppies in robotics class

img_5092The future electronic dog breeders are Gabby and Nicole. Gabby and Nicole take 6th grade robotics with Mr. Woods and they think robotics is fun. In robotics Gabby and Nicole finished making their electronic puppy. It took them around 4-5 lessons to finish the puppy. This electronic puppy can do so many just by the press of a button. For example when they clapped the puppy moved his head, when he started to move Gabby said STOP quit loudly and he stopped and moved his head. Some of the sensors are well hidden, such as the puppies nose is a sensor.

Gabby and Nicole are soon going to dissemble their puppy and create something new! They hope to make Santa Clause being pulled by reindeers. Making Santa will probably be really hard because there will be a lot of little pieces to put together and the instructions are usually hard to understand. So, next time you want an electronic puppy, go to Gabby and Nicole!

By Caroline, 6th grade student