Introduction to animation in 6th grade media class

In Middle School 6th grade media class, students are introduced to the basics of animation. They practice creating frame-by-frame motion using classic 2D animation techniques to use in flip book-animation. Students also use overhead projectors (“dead media”) as animation light tables for creating their first 2d animations using only a block of paper and a pencil.

The 6th grade media class allows students to experience media making by doing. First, we watch animation movies for children and decode the impact they have on us, through analyzing sound, image and story. Second, we experiment with different forms of storytelling through games, such as photo-stories, comics, flip book
animation and whiteboard animation. The stories are taken from students’ lives, which lends an aspect of genuine, personalized creation to the process. Thirdly, we design characters using traditional modes of working: imagination, drawing, coloring and story writing. Finally, students work in teams to animate one scene from the most successful stories, complete with lights, cameras and post-production.



By Miki Ambrozy, Middle School media teacher