The Third Grade Trip to Grand Hornu Museum

DSC03412As part of our Unit of Inquiry “Speaking from the HeART”, the third graders went on a field trip to Grand Hornu Museum to see and experience the Indian culture, create sculptures from chairs and make art inspired by the lotus flower in chalk and ink. Over 60 years ago the museum was a coal mine. Now it is a beautiful museum for us to visit.

We went to three different sessions during the day. In the museum gallery there was an Indian exhibit where we pretended we were entering an Indian home. We experienced tasting new spices, smelling different types of food, and we learned to greet each other politely by saying “Namasta”. We worked together to create a lotus flower with colored chalk on a blackboard. We even learned about the Indian god for students.

We made our own lotus flowers on fabric with ink. We listened to traditional Indian music and practiced some Yoga moves.

At another session we built huge sculptures out of chairs by building them up on top of each other, and we learned about the designers who made them. There were chairs made out of fabric, metal, plastic and many other materials. The students very much enjoyed their field trip.

By Debbie Corcoran, 3rd grade teacher