Peacemaker program teaches conflict resolution skills

Our Elementary school Peacemaking Program is a successful kid-to-kid program teaching children conflicts resolution skills. Our program promotes non-violent communication, problem solving thinking and stresses that students can be responsible companions to each other. Our peacemakers are trained in conflict resolutions: they listen actively, they do not take sides, they do not solve other students’ problems but they help other students solve their problems fairly. Training stresses the importance of respecting one another and what children can do when faced with a difficult situation. From kindergarten to second grade, students are trained to use the “I” messages, an essential part … Continue reading Peacemaker program teaches conflict resolution skills

Middle School French students enjoy restaurant experience

Last week, during French class, the 7th grade beginners French students went to a restaurant in Waterloo.  They had the opportunity to put into practice the vocabulary studied in class:  food, drinks, how to order, how to ask for the bill. At the restaurant, we discussed the table etiquette in Belgium and other countries.  We also discovered some new vocabulary about typical Belgian dishes. Here is what Isha and Ellinora think: “My experience was fantastic, the food was delicious and the waitress was nice.  I learned many things like to order,  table etiquette in Belgium as well as drinks.  Overall, … Continue reading Middle School French students enjoy restaurant experience

Applying problem-solving skills to find elegant math solutions

The Middle School math department’s 5 main learning outcomes are to: Communicate using correct mathematical language. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of grade level concepts. Model problems using mathematics and apply problem-solving skills to find elegant solutions. Reason using mathematical thinking rather than memorizing procedures. Collaborate effectively and confidently. The 7th grade have finished their unit on basic geometry and were given a formal summative assessment.  This question was one of the final questions on the test and required higher level thinking skills as they had to analyse the question and decide on the best strategy to solve it.  To achieve … Continue reading Applying problem-solving skills to find elegant math solutions

Grade 5 students take action on cyber bullying

In grade five we have been studying about cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is bullying using inappropriate language, bad humor, dares, and more. Where does it happen? Online games, chat rooms, phone texts, social media such as Skype, Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram, Whats App. Why does it happen? The bully may feel no one will ever find out who they are, people want to be cool and feel good hurting someone especially when bystanders find it funny or there might have been a bad experience between people and that causes people to want revenge. There is never a good reason to … Continue reading Grade 5 students take action on cyber bullying

Remembering Nelson Mandela in Brussels

Last week, the South African community in Brussels hosted by the South African Embassy gave thanks for the life of Nelson Mandela. The magnificent Cathedral of Saint Michiel and Saint Goedele in Brussels, which has been the venue for christenings, marriages and funeral ceremonies of Belgian royalty, was a fitting venue for the South African community, friends, supporters and admirers of Nelson Mandela to meet together to reflect on and celebrate the life of this great man. In a sober ceremony led by Bishop Jean Kockerols and Canon Robert Innes, special guests were called upon to speak about Nelson Mandela. … Continue reading Remembering Nelson Mandela in Brussels

Middle School students visit food bank

Last Thursday, 7 students of 7th and 8th grade went to visit  the Banque Alimentaire Bruxelles-Brabant in Anderlecht. They were met by Irene, a volunteer working in the bank. They were given a tour of the warehouse. She explained to them how the food bank worked, how it was supported,  who the donors were and which associations benefited from the bank. The students were very interested and had a lot of questions to ask. It is an important service project for our Middle School. Our students will understand what food insecurity is and how it can be helped. There has been … Continue reading Middle School students visit food bank

Parents and staff draft learner profile for parents

A few weeks ago, several St. John’s Elementary School parents joined me, Tebra Page (PYP/ICT Coordinator), during our monthly Parent Information Meeting (PIM) to draft a Parent Attributes Learner Profile to support our children in their IB PYP Learner Profile development. We reviewed the IB PYP Learner Profile as well as our student-friendly version. As you know, there are 10 Learner Profiles – Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-taker, Balanced, Reflective.  A person demonstrating these attributes shows understanding of what it means to be internationally minded. So we asked ourselves; as parents – how can we support our … Continue reading Parents and staff draft learner profile for parents