Sixth graders teach cooking class to grade 4 students

IMG_0435Food is so much more than mere sustenance!  In class, it was companionship, celebration, community and a chance to share expertise.

The fourth graders of Mr. Savva’s class were the junior chefs with Mrs. Rose’s Food & Textiles Technology class doing the instruction on how to make Pumpkin Soup.  Measuring, weighing, and following written procedures were some of the younger children’s learning goals. For the 6th graders, they were learning how to lead, instruct, explain, manage their time and monitor safety of their young charges.  The older children found it hard not to take over and do it for them, but with a few reminders, these young teachers were great at telling rather than showing techniques such as dicing and simmering.

When the soups were all finished, we all sat down together and shared our soup and stories.  What a great way to get to know each other better and to begin the holiday season!

By Maggie Rose, Middle School teacher

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