Middle School French students enjoy restaurant experience

downloadLast week, during French class, the 7th grade beginners French students went to a restaurant in Waterloo.  They had the opportunity to put into practice the vocabulary studied in class:  food, drinks, how to order, how to ask for the bill. At the restaurant, we discussed the table etiquette in Belgium and other countries.  We also discovered some new vocabulary about typical Belgian dishes.

Here is what Isha and Ellinora think:

“My experience was fantastic, the food was delicious and the waitress was nice.  I learned many things like to order,  table etiquette in Belgium as well as drinks.  Overall, it was super fun and cool.”

“We went to La Brioche to learn how to order in French.  But I learned so much more like the drinks and food.  The experience was fun ! Best class so far.”

By Mme. Richard, Middle School French teacher