Grade 6 art class helps create history

The grade 6 art students have the honor and pleasure to create history as they start their decorating work on 20 handmade wooden birds for the 50th anniversary of St. John’s. The beautiful birds are the creation of well-known local artist Yves Bosquet, who lives on champ de Roussart, right next to the school. The students went to Mr. Bosquet’s atelier yesterday to pick up the birds and have now started their work on the design of the decoration! This beautiful work of art will consist of a total of 50 birds, one for each of the first 50 years … Continue reading Grade 6 art class helps create history

The twelve grapes of luck – Las doce uvas de la suerte

Las doce uvas de la suerte es una tradición española que data del siglo XIX. Consiste en comer una uva con cada campanada la medianoche del 31 de diciembre con la familia, para tener un año de prosperidad. Esta tradición es muy especial y nos encantó ver a todos los compañeros de diferentes países que estudian español en secundaria, disfrutar de esta experiencia, que nos da un mejor conocimiento de la cultura española. Las doce uvas de la suerte (“The Twelve grapes of luck”) is a Spanish tradition that dates back to the XIX century. This consists of eating a … Continue reading The twelve grapes of luck – Las doce uvas de la suerte

Middle School recognizes student character strengths

Yesterday was an exciting day in Middle School: boys dressed up in button-down shirts and ties, girls in skirts and dresses for the character awards assembly. At this assembly, teachers from each academic subject recognized a student in each grade or core group for strength of character. “Most of you will not receive an award today. This assembly is not to celebrate the highest academic performance, but to recognize the specific strengths of character that contribute to excellent performance,” said Mr. Lowney, the Middle School principal. Students received awards for character strengths ranging from “judgement and critical thinking using methods that … Continue reading Middle School recognizes student character strengths

Class of 2014 receives offers from great universities

As the class of 2014 is preparing for IB, AP and other final exams, many of them know already where they will be continuing their studies next year. While the regular and Ivy League decisions will be communicated in March, early decisions have offered great opportunities for many students from the class of 2014 already. Here is a selection of the universities students have received offers from: US UK Auburn University Aberystwyth University Bard College University of Bath Belmont University University of Bristol Berry College University of Cambridge College of Charleston Cardiff University College of Wooster Durham University Florida Atlantic … Continue reading Class of 2014 receives offers from great universities

“Shadow and Light” in Pre-Kindergarten

The children in Pre-K have had fun working on Graphism with the new inquiry ‘Shadow and Light’.  One of the classes has been adapted is now known as our ‘Lab’, where lots of investigations with light have been taking place.  The children are working with curves, using their body, the environment, tracing, drawing, painting and also using the equipment in our Lab. They have been discovering how to make a shadow while using all the light sources available: natural and artificial. Some of the children’s questions – Can a shadow have a colour?  Are there shadows at night? Pre-K is … Continue reading “Shadow and Light” in Pre-Kindergarten

Anatomy of a cube – a student’s amazing stop motion video

The 10th grade students were asked to explore the ‘anatomy of a cube’ in an architecture/sculpture project through examining the relationship between form and space in a series of experimental and investigative drawings and models, then initiate and develop an original idea with the final work being in a media of their choice. “When we were told to use our imagination with nothing but a cube, an idea emerged to me, “says Matilda. “The other day I happened to see a stop motion video which caught my attention. It was in perfect time for the creative project we had been … Continue reading Anatomy of a cube – a student’s amazing stop motion video

St. John’s students exceed expected academic progress

St. John’s recently compared the ISA scores of 30 St. John’s students who progressed through the school from grade 5 to grade 8. We took their grade 5 International Schools Assessment (ISA) scores in the four categories: Reading, Writing A (Narrative) and B (Exposition/Argument) and Math. A student’s score in the ISA tests will normally increase from 5th to 8th grade. The increase for the average student taking these tests worldwide was calculated and provided a benchmark against which this group of students could be compared. What we found is that the group of St. John’s students exceeded the predicted score in … Continue reading St. John’s students exceed expected academic progress