Birds of a feather…

1233What a soaring experience! This week, students of the grade 8 art class visited Belgian sculptor Yves Bosquet in his studio, where he is working on a flock of 50 wooden birds for the 50th anniversary of St. John’s. These birds are anatomically correct and each bird portrays a unique specie. Yves carves wood into appropriate shapes, adds extra strips of wood and constructs the aerodynamic birds by using glue and clamps. By demonstrating and explaining his method of working, our students saw a true expert at work.

Students came away with the understanding that creating this kind of art takes much more than dedication. It requires investigation, critical thinking, deep understanding of the material and superb technical skills.  Only then does creativity adds its brilliant lustre.   Back in our classroom we continued with our own research into birds and our own bird designs in preparation for mono-printing, painting and quilting.

We have been greatly inspired!

By Stephanie Wintjes – Art teacher