Benefits of an expat posting for children – the kids’ perspective

St. John’s International School recently published the results of a parent survey about the benefits of the current expat assignment for their children. We conducted the same survey with our High School students (age 14-18) last week to get the kids perspective and found the results were quite similar to the parent survey. 

The students were asked to provide up to 3 answers. While cultural awareness and traveling to different countries are the top 2 answers in the student survey, just like in the parent survey, the students actually put an international education in third place and see it as a bigger benefit of an expat posting than their parents do!

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Students provided interesting comments about the benefits of being an expat child, including “Learning to be open to people with a different background” and “Understanding the world from a subjective point of view because even through you have a home country, it’s not where your home is, so you don’t have a sense of loyalty to it when looking at the world