Middle School recognizes student character strengths

IMG_9526Yesterday was an exciting day in Middle School: boys dressed up in button-down shirts and ties, girls in skirts and dresses for the character awards assembly. At this assembly, teachers from each academic subject recognized a student in each grade or core group for strength of character.

“Most of you will not receive an award today. This assembly is not to celebrate the highest academic performance, but to recognize the specific strengths of character that contribute to excellent performance,” said Mr. Lowney, the Middle School principal.

Students received awards for character strengths ranging from “judgement and critical thinking using methods that are well thought-through and that are not necessarily taught in class” to “perseverance in spite of obstacles” to “gratitude, always taking time to express thanks and for fairness – treating all of his peers equally” and “commitment to personal excellence and the courage to motivate others to excel”.

Parents treated the students to delicious snacks after the assembly. We congratulate all Middle School students, and their teachers for guiding them!