Grade 4 students to speak at global conference on human rights

At St. John’s, we provide leadership opportunities for all our students, from our youngest Timbertots students who are not yet 3 years old, all the way to our grade 12 students who will graduate in June. It is essential that students of all ages are given opportunities that provide practical experience, enable them to put theory into practice and help prepare them for their future.

Some of our grade 4 students were presented with a great opportunity to share their knowledge and put acquired skills into practice. They were recently invited by the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) to speak at their global conference in Brussels in March, which brings together hundreds of women from around the world.

The students will speak about human rights, a topic close to their hearts and one which they have studied in a recent unit of inquiry. The students looked at many aspects of human rights and presented their findings during an assembly for all Elementary students. Each student also conducted research and presented a report on a specific country’s human rights situation to their classmates, as part of the inquiry.

We are proud of the students for accepting the invitation to speak in front of several hundred people and know they will  do a great job!