Textures: a unique exhibiton of two resident artists’ work

TEXTURES--flyer-both-sides Upon having entered the “Textures” exhibition in the Greene Gallery this February, I knew that it was a highly unique vernissage. The paintings and drawings by Borislav Varadinov and the ceramics by Michelle Cornez-Mathot formed a strong relationship in the gallery space despite having been made independently. The two bodies of works interplayed well not only because of the subtle and subdued brownish hues, but also because of the organic themes present. The ceramics which collapsed in on themselves accurately reflected the natural concern for degradation as did the paintings made with impermanent materials like sand and cardboard.

Both sets of works fit the gallery space very suitably; the circular nature of the Greene Gallery made the simulates viewing of the sculptures and paintings an effortless and enjoyable task. What was highly rewarding about this exhibition was being able to discuss with the artist’s themselves their creative intentions in their pieces to further my understanding of their works. Once again, the Greene Gallery put on a fantastic exhibition which leaves many waiting for more!

By Samuel Wejchert, grade 12 student

P.S. The exhibition can be viewed on school days from 9:00-16:00 until February 28.