Grade 7 visits movie production studio

DSC00429For the trip we went to the film studio called “nWave”. I think this is a pretty famous studio. Going to the film studio was fun and interesting. Once there, we watched a few movies of 20 minutes each. The movies were 3D, but I think it would have been even more fun if we watched it as 4D. We also heard how the movie was created and the steps of it. I was surprised that it takes 3 years to make only one movie starting from the script.

After that I ate lunch together with my friends. Then we had few minutes to ask questions. Then we looked around the studio, we found many people working on the computer and tablets. I wanted to get the program to try too, but it seemed too professional so I gave up on it. I wanted to draw better, that is what I thought when I saw people drawing over there. After looking around. it was time to go back to school.

Before going to the studio visit, I prepared for it and took camera. While at the studio, I was exploring and taking pictures. Now that I have visited the studio, I know that lots of effort and time is needed to create a movie.

By Hyojin, grade 7 student