High School student runs extended math club for 4th graders

HS_10_Janas JuliaThe CAS project about the extended math club in 4th grade, organized with the help of Ms. Montgomery, has been a very good experience so far. The kids are very motivated and exited for the extra work and try to work out each problem. It is a great pleasure that there is no need to make them do the extended math questions, but they themselves have the willingness to improve and work.

We always discuss a problem together to make sure it is understood and then correct it together as well on the white board to make sure everyone follows. The kids don’t hesitate to ask questions, this is very beneficial for the progress of the class. They are also able to find patterns and short cuts in the problems which proves that they mastered their basics very well. We mostly now work on word problems mixed with some difficult calculations.

Currently we are focusing on division, but we try to keep other branches of mathematics open such as but not limited to; geometry, multiplication, addition, subtraction and capability of finding patterns. The group has a very positive atmosphere and it has been a great pleasure to work with all of them so far.

By Julia Janas, 11th grade student