Swimming the ISSTs in the London Olympic pool!

1899333_10201487582180721_2140935493_oSwimming at the London Aquatics Center was an incredible experience. What I found most exciting was simply the fact that we were swimming in the same pool as the one that world’s top swimmers had competed in during the 2012 London Olympics. The pool really did look like the one we saw on TV! Our ISST was actually the first official meet to take place in that pool since the Olympics.

When we first arrived, the pool seemed tiny, dwarfed by the massive structure around it. But once we started swimming laps, it became painfully clear how huge the pool actually was… There was lots of room on the side for all 13 teams to wait during the meet, a real luxury. We also used the pool’s touchpads, which meant that after each race we could turn around and instantly see our time posted on the wall, before we even got out of the water. Just like Michael Phelps had done over and over again.

The ISST in the London Aquatics Center was probably the closest most of us will ever get to competing in the Olympics. It was a special place to go for ISSTs and I for one won’t forget my 3 days in London for a long time.

By Caroline, 8th grade student