Eighth graders experience the world of the visually impaired

2 The 8th grade has been engaged in a community project to sensitize sighted students to the world of the visually impaired since 1999.  Therefore an exchange is organized every year with IRSA (Institute for Blind and Visually Impaired  Children).

A group of students was selected to visit the Institute during the school day Thursday, March 20th.  Different activities allowed the children from both schools the opportunity to communicate and interact.

One group made a fruit salad which they all shared afterwards, another group learned how to use the different tools blind children use in their learning. There was a Torball game and a walk in the forest wearing blindfolds.  Some students learned how to write their name in Braille.

Our group of students will then report back to their advisory groups.

It was a great experience!

By Eva, 8th grade student