Ninth graders volunteer at a women’s shelter with “Serve the City”

IMG_1648This past Saturday, I had the chance to accompany 15 students on the fourth grade 9 Service Saturday. The mission was to spend the afternoon volunteering  with Serve the City in the Marolles, in the center of Brussels. 

Once in the Marolles, one of the groups went to work at the Little Sisters of the poor and my group went to a women’s shelter. At the shelter, our students played with a number of small children while some girls gave manicures and facials to the women.  I wanted to share how impressed I was with these kids, who were fantastic with the little kids, playing games and puzzles with them, picking them up, hugging them.  One student got to the Serve the City locale at 11:00 by mistake and hung around helping the leaders to set up for the day, talking to them, praying with them, then also joined us at the shelter. He loved it!  


Each participant contributed and had a lot of fun.  We all came home tired but with a  great deal of positive energy.  A good way to wrap up this year’s Service Saturdays.

By Anne Froidcoeur, grade 9 teacher