Please help grade 7 with their electronics recycling campaign

e-wasteThe 7th grade is conducting an electronics recycling campaign to make us aware of our environment and of the human rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Jane Goodall Institute has developed this campaign to make young people aware of the consequences that our growing consumption of electronic equipment on the animals, the local populations and the environment.

In Belgium, we only recycle 2% of the electronics which means that most electronics are produced with raw materials from the developing world with significant ecological and social justice consequences. The more we recycle, the less were exploit non-renewable resources.

Your child and you will be able to bring in electronics you do not use anymore this week (April  22 -25) and put it in the boxes placed in the different sections of the school. Everything is welcome except printers and computer screens. A few examples: iPads, tablets, ink cartridges, cables, phones, cameras, memory sticks, hard disks, chargers, earphones, cd, dvd, radios, small electric devices such as hair dryer, shaver and so on.

Jane Goodall comes to speak to the European Parliament on Wednesday May 7 and 20 of our grade 7 students are going to attend the presentation.

Thank you for your help! The 7th grade Team