Adopt a bird for the 50th anniversary!

50th bird 1As a special project for our upcoming 50th anniversary, to celebrate the St. John’s heritage and all that our school stands for, a work of art has been commissioned to be placed in the foyer of our Performing Arts Center.

Fifty individually crafted birds will hang from the ceiling in one giant flock, symbolizing our unity in diversity. The project is realized by well-known Belgian artist Yves Bosquet, who lives behind the school on Champ de Roussart.

You have the opportunity to sponsor one of the 50 birds and become part of our 50 logohistory. You can adopt a bird as an individual, a family, a class/year, a company or organization. Each donor will get their name displayed on a permanent plaque that will appear next to the artwork.

For more information, please visit this page: