Grade 7 students meet Jane Goodall at the European Parliament

DSC_0380As the conclusion to  our electronics recycling campaign, 20 students got the opportunity to hear Jane Goodall, famous primatologist and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, at the European Parliament on May 7th.

After the presentation of projects by 8 different schools, she thanked everyone for their contribution to respect every individual : humans, animals and environment.  She also stressed the importance of building bridges between cultures. In the afternoon, students visited the Parliamentarium to get acquainted with the organization of the European Parliament. A few reactions from students : “It’s more special for you to hear her (Jane Goodall) telling you her story than reading about her on the Internet.  It is really fun to be a “part” of where they make the decision on your future” “All the community services inspired me to suggest this to the student council” “It was a one-of-a-kind experience.” “It gets you inspired to help and nice hearing everyone’s  way of helping.” “It was better for learning because the museum was hands on and kid friendly, so a lot of the info was easier to remember.”

The 7th Grade Team