How we can avoid wasting food in Elementary School

food_wasteMy name is Bérangère and I am in fifth grade. For the PYP Exhibition I have chosen to study food waste. I have come here today to inform you about what we waste at school and how you can make a difference with just little steps.  Last year in Middle school and Elementary school,  we wasted 37 kg of food per day. We are very lucky to have food. Some children do not have the same advantage as we do. They go to school and have one meal per day, we have 3 meals per day and snack breaks. We should realize that other children are starving. WE can make a difference. Every little step counts. If we eat half of our vegetables or don’t ask for seconds we are making a difference bit by bit.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed this presentation and leave with a message “Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something”.