Students raise 1370 Euro for Alsemberg Refugee Center

DSC00060Grade 11 students Maria and Astrid presented a check for 1370 euros to Dorien Stevens from the Alsemberg Red Cross Refugee Center last week on behalf of the HS students in 11th and 12th grade from their fund raising activities for CAS.

Dorien gave a presentation about the Red Cross and Red Crescent’s activities in Belgium and around the world to 11th grade students during their advisory class on Friday 16th May, highlighting the values and aims of the organisation and the plight of refugees and other victims or war and conflict and also presented a framed thank you to St. John’s from the Red Cross. A trip to the Refugee Center is planned for autumn 2014 with a guided tour for St. John’s students who plan to organize a football match and other activities to share with residents.

By Alan Mitchell, HS art teacher