Spanish Exchange to Pamplona

Café IruñaTwo weeks ago, after returning from the Easter break, I went to Spain with other students from my Spanish class. We were 18 students and we went for a week with a Spanish exchange program to Pamplona. It was great! We stayed with Spanish families who had children going to a local Spanish school. We visited different places such as: Bilbao, Las Bardenas, San Sebastian and we also spent a day in the school with our correspondents, which was very different from St. John´s! The food was very tasty over there, we had delicious churros con chocolate and Chocolate con churrostapas, but what surprised me the most was the breakfast: they would eat baguette with olive oil and orange juice! From this experience I can say that if one does not know how to speak different languages they could not learn new things from others. Also I enjoyed making new friends and being able to see that on the inside we are all very alike, even if we speak different languages and live in different countries. It has been a great experience! By María Emilia (9th grade)