HS History and Philosophy classes visit Trier, birthplace of Karl Marx

On Wednesday May 28, the High School History and Philosophy classes combined for their first ever trip together to Trier, the birthplace of Karl Marx.

We began with a guided tour of the house Karl Marx was born in, which is now a museum. Our guide, Dr. Kann, has been giving tours there for 45 years and knows the history of the museum. The vast majority of the visitors come from China and all signs in the museum are in three languages: Mandarin, German and English. Dr. Kann’s anecdotes kept the students engaged in what was a fascinating tour of the museum, followed by a walking tour of Trier in the footsteps of Karl Marx.

Students were able to see the places that played an important part in the early years of Marx’s life. Dr. Kann left us with a question he was asked by a Chinese visitor in 1989 (political questions ceased after that date): ‘what do you think about Karl Marx?’ to which Dr. Kann replied ‘Marx had the right questions but the wrong answers’. 

By Mr. Macdonald, HS History teacher