A beautiful letter of thanks from the Annai Erica home

Annai_02We received this letter from Father Dhana, who runs the Annai Erica home in India, in gratitude of the ongoing efforts of our senior class to support them. The Annai Erica home is an orphanage offering education for boys and girls in southern India. Some 500 children, aged 6-18, live there full-time and about 250 students go home for weekends. Here is Father Dhana’s letter of thanks:

Most Loving and Prayerful Greetings to you , the Dear Sponsor Parents , the lovable Senior Grade Students and Staff of St. John’s, Waterloo, from the students and staff of Annai Erica , Trichirapalli, India !

Oh ! What an amount of support and patronage we have had from the wonderful community of St. John’s for the students of Annai Erica, over the past 10 years. Hundreds of students had graduated out of Annai Erica very successfully, thanks to the financial support we have received.

First and foremost, we salute the gesture of the Senior Grade students for their painstaking efforts of fundraising to help the students of their age at Annai Erica , Trichirapalli, India.

We also thank the sponsor parents, the staff of St. John’s. We thank Kevin Ebenezer who launched the program, Dr. Marjan Blok who took the program to greater heights in a very meaningful way of finding sponsor parents and Marleen Robberechts, for taking it in the right direction.

And every year we have had success story of the final grade students with 100 per cent pass in the Government Board Exams to set their personal career. And this year too, the 12th Grade students and the 10th Grade students of Annai Erica, all of whom appeared for Government Board Exams and passed with a 100% pass rate. We dedicate this success to St. John’s, our Supporter and main Donor.

We have been informed by our bankers that the funds Euros 5,500 you had wired has been credited this afternoon with the equivalent of Indian Rupees 438122
and we thank you so much as these funds come at the beginning of our school year.

With Prayerful Regards, Your Very faithfully
Dr. Fr. Dhanapragasam, President , DPWA & Correspondent, ANNAI ERICA

Congratulations to the St. John’s Anna Erika team: Brittany, Emelie, Cecilie, Catherine, Abenezer, Hili, Nusrat, Miguel and Vinciane!