Pre-Kindergarten students learn to play softball

The children’s knowledge and enthusiasm about our Inquiry ‘Games’ is phenomenal! On Tuesday morning, Mrs. Stoltz (a St. John’s softball coach and Pre-Kindergarten mom) came in to talk to the children about softball – an outdoor game. She took the children from Oak and Cedar class to the softball pitch and had organized that two players of the team were there too. The children warmed up, learned how to pitch, catch and ran around to each base and finally to the home base. Thank you to Mrs. Stolz for sharing how to play this sport with the children. By Ms. Gahan, Pre-K … Continue reading Pre-Kindergarten students learn to play softball

HS History and Philosophy classes visit Trier, birthplace of Karl Marx

On Wednesday May 28, the High School History and Philosophy classes combined for their first ever trip together to Trier, the birthplace of Karl Marx. We began with a guided tour of the house Karl Marx was born in, which is now a museum. Our guide, Dr. Kann, has been giving tours there for 45 years and knows the history of the museum. The vast majority of the visitors come from China and all signs in the museum are in three languages: Mandarin, German and English. Dr. Kann’s anecdotes kept the students engaged in what was a fascinating tour of the … Continue reading HS History and Philosophy classes visit Trier, birthplace of Karl Marx

Spanish Exchange to Pamplona

Two weeks ago, after returning from the Easter break, I went to Spain with other students from my Spanish class. We were 18 students and we went for a week with a Spanish exchange program to Pamplona. It was great! We stayed with Spanish families who had children going to a local Spanish school. We visited different places such as: Bilbao, Las Bardenas, San Sebastian and we also spent a day in the school with our correspondents, which was very different from St. John´s! The food was very tasty over there, we had delicious churros con chocolate and tapas, but … Continue reading Spanish Exchange to Pamplona

Relay for Life is less than 2 weeks away!

St. John’s will host the Relay for Life for the International Community 2014 on June 14 and 15 for the third consecuive time. This wonderful event for a great cause raised more than 100.000 Euro in 24 hours last year! Relay For Life is a festive event, for all ages, focusing on solidarity and fund-raising for the fight against cancer. During 24 hours, the community players of a city, town or locality mobilize themselves in order to: celebrate and pay tribute to the people who have conquered cancer, and support those who are still fighting the disease; remember the people who have lost … Continue reading Relay for Life is less than 2 weeks away!