St. John’s first in world with Sodexo’s new FOOD4U approach

The Sodexo team at St. John’s

St. John’s is proud to be the first school in the world to feature Sodexo’s new FOOD4U approach to food in schools. The food area in the cafeteria has been transformed over the summer to reflect this new approach.

According to Sodexo, “modernity, simplicity and freedom” are the key components. The cafeteria will offer are a larger variety of healthy options for any budget, including freshly prepared wok dishes twice a week, pasta dishes two other days of the week. Vegetarian options will be expanded, as will healthy and tasty options such as fruit, salad, sandwiches, breakfast foods and soups.

A self service coffee corner for parents and staff, with fair trade, sustainable coffee and tea choices has been introduced. IMG_5513The new set-up also focuses on ensuring the cafeteria is a pleasant environment where students, teachers and parents enjoy to go and have a meal.

Thank you to Sodexo for introducing this new concept first at St. John’s, we look forward to hearing student, staff and parent feedback!