Get ready for International Festival on October 10!

flag tree finalWe are getting ready for one of the highlights of the St. John’s school year, a day that students, parents and teachers always look forward to: International Festival!

This year’s International Festival takes place on Friday, October 10. During the school day, all Elementary School students will visit the country booths set up in the sports hall, where they will get a stamp in their “passports”.

We will have a daytime as well as an evening parade in the Arena, whereby students and parents from each country participate in a parade in national clothing and to a song that has relevance for their country. After the evening parade, each of the booths will be offering traditional foods or drinks from their country.

We have opened the registration for the International Festival. You only need to complete the form if your child is participating in the daytime parade:

Don’t miss this great event to celebrate the diversity of our wonderful community. Please mark your calendar for Friday, October 10!