The “Friendship Bench” at St. John’s

How great would be it be if there was a bench where you could just sit down and a friend would magically appear? Well, there is such a thing…

At St. John’s, in the courtyard for the 6 to 8 year old students, there is a so-called “Friendship Bench”. Any child who does not have a friend to play with at a certain moment can sit down on the bench.

“Students can sit on the Friendship Bench if they don’t have someone to play with, and so other students can come and ask if they want to play together” says a student.

The Friendship Bench

The bench was such as success that children in grades 3 through 5 who used to have a Friendship Bench in their courtyard when they were in first and second grade, wanted one in their playground. The school placed a new bench in the courtyard so they can continue using the Friendship Bench.

When asked, other grade 1 students said “The Friendship Bench is nice because it is warm and nice to sit on” and “I like to sit and eat my snack on the bench with a friend”.

What a wonderful way to grow up!