St. John’s welcomes librarians from around the world at ECIS Library Conference

ECIS-Libs-logo 200-bis_0This weekend, St. John’s hosts a major international school event: the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) Triennial Library Conference. Over two hundred Librarians from around the world will be attending the conference which takes place at St. John’s from September 25-28.

The focus of the conference is on “Librarians Supporting Language, Learning & Literacy”. This event is another example of St. John’s playing an important role in international education developments and is part of our global outreach.

Our Middle and High School library staff, Veronica Cunningham and Margaret Richardson, will be presenting at the conference. Our Elementary School librarian Dawn Rutland is the Chair of the ECIS Librarians’ Committee and lead organizer for the event and we thank her for her leadership. Details on the conference can be found at