Student sells honey to help homeless center in Greece

Trubert-PaneliSt. John’s student Stephane and his brother Alexandre are promoting honey (the nectar of the Gods) from one of their two homelands, the peninsula of Halkidiki-Greece, to help the Association PRAKSIS (, an independent NGO organisation with the goal to eliminate social and economic exclusion of vulnerable social groups and defend their personal and social rights. Stephane, a 10th grade student at St. John’s, volunteered last summer at Praksis, a center for homeless people in Thessaloniki.

The product is organic honey from pine forests (rich in minerals and texture – a rare GOLD-MEDAL_1product) prepared by  a small producer who won Silver Medal of High Quality in the 2014  International Biolmiel Fair and Gold Medal in 2013 Biolmiel . The bottles contain 480 grams of product and are offered at the price of 12 Euro and is available in the Lion’s Lair.