St. John’s is a global leader in preparing students to become passionate researchers.

2This past weekend St. John’s hosted the ECIS 7th Triennial Librarians Conference, organised by our Elementary School Teacher Librarian Dawn Rutland. Over fifty-five International School Librarians from around the world attended the “Making a Good Start” to the IB Extended Essay Workshop which is in its fifth year of successful implementation at St. John’s.

Fostering sound research practice is a top priority for School Librarians around the world hence the importance of getting the balance right in the design and delivery of learning opportunities. Conference participants learned about the origins, development and impact of the St. John’s High School Library’s program of support to Grade 11 students during their IB Extended Essay research journey. The “Making a Good Start” workshop is one component of the program of support to High School students learning throughout the research cycle which includes:

  • Creating research questions
  • Confident navigation of the information world
  • Learning how to argue from evidence and to structure their essay using outlining tools
  • Analysis and synthesis in regard to their chosen IB Extended Essay Topic.

The workshop was extremely successful with delegates indicating they had been truly 1inspired to adopt and/or adapt ideas for developing sound research practice back in their own schools.

To learn more about our Middle and High School Library program and how we can support the development of your child’s research skills, please e-mail our Middle and High School Information Literacy specialist Mrs. Richardson at or Mrs. Cunningham at

By Veronica Cunningham, Head of St. John’s Middle and High School Library and Information Services