Learning from a visiting artist in grade 8 art

mwGrade 8 art students had the opportunity to meet our visiting Belgian artist Mathieu Weemaels in person. They were able to share with him their observations about his work, reflect on what they have learned from analyzing and interpreting his paintings and pastel pictures and ask him about his ways of working.

Mathieu explained how he started out as an artist in the technique of bande dessinée, but gradually he realized that he needed to be true to his own self. His passion was rather to show the quiet nature of humble ordinary objects. His paintings all have in common the idea of a reflection, either in a mirror or on water. Our students shared their quick sketches of some of the Weemaels works in the Greene Gallery. They were reminded by Mathieu that developing strong observation skills is the single most effective approach to learning through art.

By Stephanie Wintjes, MS art teacher