St. John’s Elementary and High School students run “Peacemaker Program”

pm2We are proud to announce that our students from grades 3, 4 and 5 are now fully certified Peacemakers.  In fact, since mid-November they have begun their job patrolling the playgrounds during recess, helping their peers and younger students solve their conflicts in a respectful, non-violent way.

This program is in its fourth year and has grown to become an across school endeavor with High School and Elementary School students working together.

A team of High School students have taken on the Peacemaker program as their CAS project.  They have taken time out of their busy schedule to come into the Elementary School classrooms and provide a comprehensive Peacemakers training. The Elementary School students and High School students are grouped into teams, and together they walk around the playground putting into action what they learned in training.

I must say that I have been touched by the companionship displayed between the High Schoolers and the Elementary School students.  It is easy to see the ways in which the 11th and 12th graders have supported our Elementary School peacemakers, but it is just as important to note how much the younger children have taught our High Schoolers through their dedication and desire to serve.

It is a true example of the spirit of St. John’s International School.  One, that we are proud to say, is being replicated in other international schools.

By Vivian Johnston, intern counselor Elementary School