Food science course teaches cooking skills and basics of nutrition

2Do you know what capsaicin or malic acid is?  Or how eggs are both an emulsifier and a coagulant in recipes?  The 7th grade Food Science class can tell you!  The students just finished their first rotation in their enrichment courses and a lucky third of them were able to begin with St. John’s new Food Science course. This is where the students learned the basics of nutrition, cooking skills and the critical thinking of making informed consumer decisions. It all came together while also learning why cooking is chemistry and eating is so much more enjoyable with a well working nose!

Thursday’s class ended with presentations to some staff and other students, a buffet of flavours and great research into the history, food values and ways of cooking a scientifically significant ingredient.  Maple syrup soufflés, chocolate brownies, sticky rice, quinoa sushi, cheese tarts and paprika chicken tantalized our taste buds and whetted our intellectual appetites.  Thanks to the parents who assisted in this learning and sharing:  I hope you’re taking advantage of your growing chef in the kitchen!

By Maggie Rose, MS teacher