Come see the IB Arts winter show on Friday, December 5 from 18:00-20:00

Art poster colour1All students in this year’s IB visual art class have their current projects on display as part of this key exhibition which forms their ‘mock exam’ in preparation for the final show in March and April 2015.

Nature and landscape in East and West; identity in words and images; the human face in two and three dimensions; the motion of horses; and the phases of the moon are just some of the themes and ideas explored creatively and imaginatively in this exhibition.

There is a wide range of media represented including ceramics sculpture and modelling, oil paint and acrylic, pen, brush and ink and a other painting and drawing media  on a variety of surfaces as well as digital photography. The students experimentation with different materials and techniques forms part of their visual investigation of elements and principles of design including colour, light, transparency, form, space, line, gesture, pattern, texture, etc.

All the students have their investigation journals/sketchbooks on display where you can see  their written and visual investigation and critical analysis of both their own progress and development and their growing understanding of art relevant to this in a wide variety of social, historical and cultural contexts. We hope to see you in the Greene Gallery on Friday!

By Alan Mitchell, HS Art teacher