Showcasing skills learned in 6th grade Design and Technology

IMG_0065Mrs. Wintjes and Mrs. Rose’s students recently had the last day of their courses Design & Technology and Food & Textiles.  In order to generate enthusiasm in each subject area and to show their classmates what they have accomplished, each group of students did a show and tell for the audience of the other.

Skills learned in Food & Textiles were of course cooking appetizing and healthy foods for themselves and others, getting the basics of nutrition and making informed and responsible consumer decisions.  Skills shared by the Design & Technology students included their improved observational skills, the ability to draft, refine a pattern and construct a 3D object from a sketch and to make accurate measurements when designing and communicating visually.  What sights we saw and tasted!  Student Bird houses, homemade Japanese Stew, Sports wear t-shirt designs, tart tatin hot out of the oven, unique fonts for graphic posters, chicken paella golden and rich…the visual treats echoed the tastes for the tongue and lots of compliments were shared by student and staff alike.

The next rotations are looking forward to the chance to experience these courses and the teachers can’t wait to see and taste their creativity too!

By Maggie Rose, MS Food & Textiles teacher