Looking to Learn: a visit to our own Greene Gallery

IB artGrade 6 art students visited the IB Winter Show in the Greene Gallery yesterday. They examined the artworks carefully, looking for connections and meanings. They found much inspiration for writing and drawing. In their own art journals they answered the questions: What do I see? What do I think? I wonder….?

They noticed how colour had been applied, how line can be employed to develop drawings, how overlapping shapes and transparencies can make a work fascinating. They marveled at how mixing only three colours can produce a realistic portrait, how movement can be captured in drawing IB art 2
and painting, how effective contrasts work, how pen-and-ink drawings capture a fleeting expression… They examined the IB investigation workbooks in awe. What curiosity, effort and thoughtfulness went into these!

There is much to be learned from our older brothers and sisters.

By Stephanie Wintjes, MS Art teacher