The art of designing

aGrade 6 Design Technology students understand exactly what is involved with building three dimensional structures. It requires creative thinking to get the initial conceptual drawing done, then further planning, drawing, pattern-making, precision-work, cutting and gluing.  Students have been practicing orthographic drawings involving measured floor plans and elevation drawings. They make a pattern for each section of the structure – in this case models for bird-houses. Then they make their structure from paper to see if the pattern actually works.  Finally, they are able to cut the pattern pieces out of cardboard or foam board.  The best fun, of course, is using the hot glue guns to stick the whole thing together.

There is no humdrum here; each student is fully engaged in his/her own design process. It is a hive of buzzing excitement because they still have time to decorate (paint or clad) their bird-house models before they get to share their creative designs with peers from other rotation classes.

By Stephanie Wintjes, MS/HS art teacher