Learning to look and see

asdWhat a fun way to learn!  The Greene Gallery housed in the Art Studios is our very own museum gallery of learning. The current exposition features a selection of photographic portraits by Belgian photographer Fabrice Monteiro.  The portraits are fascinating representations of “Maggy’s Children”; Burundian orphans who found safety and hope through the community of Maison Shalom.

Our students were able to spend time during art lessons to explore the exposition. What are the skills we teach for successful museum visits? We ask students to look for, to look at, to think, to wonder, to imagine and to possibly interpret. They look for the external clues (information provided on the accompanying board beside each picture) and look at the work in order to describe it.  During discussions, we share our thoughts, give our grounded opinions, ask our questions, compare and contrast, relate other stories to our own life stories. And so we become stronger critical thinkers who appreciate opportunities to stop and think about the world we live in.

By Stephanie Wintjes – MS/HS art teacher