Safer Internet Day through the eyes of 5th grade students

IMG_0150Tuesday morning we had a special visitor. His name was Michael Beal. Mr. Beal is the CEO of Microsoft Belux (Belgium and Luxemburg.) Mr. Beal came to talk to us about internet safety. He also talked about passwords and how they should include capital and lowercase letters, characters, and numbers. Mr. Beal told us that not everything on the computer is true, and that you should never send personal information to people you don’t know. He said that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. If something upsets you on the internet always tell someone like a teacher or a parent, and they can help you fix it. Then he talked about a really big topic, cyber bullying. That goes along with how you should never send or post anything personal that you might not want the world to know.

Finally, at the end of the presentation, we tried out a new translation software called Skype Translate that lets you Skype with people who speak a different language. This software is in “beta” form, which means it is still in development. We were lucky to get a sneak peak at how it works. Then we got to Skype with a class in Spain! During this exciting day we got to learn a lot about internet safety and we even got to be interviewed by two news stations. It was really fun and cool and a great experience to have Mr. Beal come to our classroom. We hope he can come again!

By Sara, Sarah, and Sophia, 5th grade students